Dalian Golfing

October 17, 2011

Traveled with a group of 12 avid golfers to Dalian, China for golf from 23 Sep to 27 Sep 11. Dalian was a beautiful city and having been to China countless time, it was indeed a refreshing change. The streets were wide and the town planning very well done. On asking around, I found that this was inherited from their past masters, Japan and Russia.

A total of 12 golfers went on the trip. They were all weekend golf kakis and all very good golfers. The golf course they chose to play were the Golden Pebble Beach and as well as the Red Flag Valley Golf Club in Dalian.





Red Flag Valley Golf Club

Red Flag Valley is a private 36-hole member’s golf club is situated in 5,000 acres of natural valley and forest land to the west of the city.

The 36 holes golf courses, known as The Dragon and The Unicorn respectively, were designed by internationally acclaimed golf architects IMG. The scenery in these courses were amongst the most picturesque I had seen in a very long time.

Golden Pebble Beach Golf Club

Another beautiful and challenging golf course in Dalian in which my group of golfers played was the Golden Pebble Beach Golf Club. Like the Red Flag Valley Golf Club, the Golden Pebble Beach have 36 holes in total and as you can see in the pictures below, they are challenging and beautiful.


clip_image0022 clip_image0023 clip_image0024


The weather there, during end September was just fantastic, ranging between a cool 15 degrees Celcius to about 24 degree Celcius, perfect weather for golfing. Just imagine golfing in cool air-conditioned comfort!

Not only was the golfing great, the seafood there was also something to shout about. It was reasonably priced and fresh, and most important, delicious as well.

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