#1 Happy City Golf Resort

windmill, happy city golf resort, chiang rai, thailandThe locally-designed Happy City Golf Resort features three nines (Mountain Breeze, Lakeside and River) and in addition there are two spare holes which can be used when necessary when other holes are closed for maintenance.


Great view of the surrounding mountains as you pick your way round the paspalum fairways and Bermuda greens that will ensure your putts run straight and true. The elevated tees give you a good view of hazards on the wandering fairways although you could encounter some unwelcome surprises lying in wait over the brow of the hill or the other side of the dog-leg so consult your caddies at all times.


#2 Santiburi Chiang Rai Country Club

fairway, santiburi chiang rai country club, chiang rai, thailandSantiburi Chiang Rai Country Club is in immaculate and pristine condition and is a must-play course. The excellent design gives the better golfer a chance to excel whilst offering a safer alternative for the higher handicappers. Built in 1993, the Santiburi Chiang Rai Country Club was once the only course in town and is still regarded as one of the outstanding designs in Asia and remains a firm favourite with local players. Not far from the centre of Chiang Mai, the lush fairways of this course wind their way through the valleys and hills and around the imposing mature trees and lakes giving the course a magical feel.


Although it was originally set up as a championship course the right choice of the four tees on offer will ensure that most amateur players will not be overawed and there are always bail-out areas and easier routes to the lightning quick greens.


#3 Waterford Valley Golf Club

mountain view, waterford valley golf club, chiang rai, thailand

Waterford Valley Golf Club & Resort in Chiang Rai is not quite in the same league as its more illustrious neighbours, it is a very playable golf course with outstanding views over the surrounding countryside due to the many elevation changes.


After a very picturesque 40 minutes’ drive you arrive at the scenic, spectacularly carved out of the hillside. This is not a particularly difficult course with generous fairways but the many elevation changes and the usual water hazards add to the challenge. To further complicate proceedings, the greens are very small and require an accurate approach to hold and inevitably you will miss a few so your short game needs to be on song.


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