Guangzhou Golf Courses

# 1 Conghua Hot Spring Golf Club

Conghua Hot Spring Golf Club was established in 1992 .The 6,562-yard-long 18-hole south course of the standard mountain course has been put into use,and design and modeling for the 6,530-yard-long ,par72 north course has been finished ,it is anticipated to be finished and put into use in two years.The hotel of the clubhouse has been finished and put into use .The lighting system at night of the course will be put into use in the near future. Golf course is an 1,500,000,18 hole, par 72 that measure 6,562 yards.

The most famous attraction of this Giangzhou golf club is that it has hot sand bath. You can dig holes in the sand, and then spring gushes out. When lying down in the sand hole, enjoy the hot spring after your round of golf at one of Guangzhou’s most loved golf courses.

#2 Country Garden Holiday Islands

Country Garden Holiday Islands golf club is located near Huadou reservoir, Country Garden Holiday Islands,Shijiao Town. This golf course is designed by a senior designer called MR Liang Guokun, takes advantage of the forests and lakes. Having the aid of this ecological environment, the reasonable layout of golf course results in a smooth operation with the golf club trying to create a new way of playing. It will certainly satisfy every golf lover of different skill levels.

#3 Guangzhou International Golf Club

Guangzhou International Golf Club is in Xiancun Xintang Town, an idyllic retreat on the outskirts of Guangzhou. Set among naturally rolling hills covered with mature lychee trees and scenic nearby mountains, the club is the perfect getaway for a day or week of total relaxation, both body and spirit.

The spectacular 18-hole championship course(7,047 metres in length), designed by world-renowned Nelson & Wright Golf Course Architects, designers of the famed Mauna Lani Golf Course, takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The result is a refreshing course design that takes advantage of this natural beauty to add a new dimension and challenge to your game of golf.

#4 Luhu Golf & Country Club Guangzhou

Paradise above the city” are the right words to describe the Guangzhou Luhu Golf & Country Club. This Guangzhou Club is located in the grounds of Luhu Park and is wrapped around the Bai Yun Hill in the heart of Guangzhou City. It is only 30 minutes drive from Bai Yun Airport and 20 minutes from Guangzhou Railway Station.

“Challenging” is the best word to describe this 18-hole (par 72) golf course with its composite 9-hole night course. Golf Course Architect Dave Thomas carved the course into the foothills of the mountains and on the edge of Luhu Lake making the course an unforgettable experience.

#5 Purple Clouds Golf Country

Guangzhou Purple Clouds Golf Country Club has a 27-hole golf course and a large condo community. It is located in a scenic area of Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, and is conveniently near the Guang-Shen-Zhu Highway, just a ten-minute drive from downtown Guangzhou.

The course’s terrain features beautiful hills, large boulders, and fruit trees. Members will enjoy the challenge of the course with its water and sand obstacles designed in the fabric of the terrain.

#6 South Palm Golf Club

Located in Xiancun Town, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou, this international golf club is close to the Guangzhou-shenzhen Expressway, it is only a 45-minutes drive from Guangzhou to this golf course.

The hillside 27-hole course was designed by Mr. Neil Celrafter, meeting with international standard. The Guangzhou South Palms golf course is built in a nice landscape of small hills and fairways. Some of the holes they has a big slopes. In addition to the 6,470 yards from the blue tee making the course on the difficult side. You really have to position each your shots carefully, otherwise,you’ll be looking at a double bogey or worse.

The course is very challenge. The club boasts convenience location, attractive natural surroundings, perfect service, skillfully combining simple countryside scenes with splendid style, this Golf Club is the best choice for you to spend your holidays and relax yourself.

#7 Dragon Lake Golf Club

The Dragon Lake Resort boasts the best golfing location of Guangzhou, the 27-hole Dragon Lake Golf Course. Located within walking distance of the Princess Hotel, the famous golf course is a must-see attraction for any golfer wishing for a challenge, and will even mesmerize non-golfers with its splendid natural beauty.
The Golf Course consists of an 18-hole international championship course and a 9-hole illuminated course. The fairway is suited to the natural topography; half of the landscape is made up of the lake and the other half of mountains. Built in strict conformity with international standards, the whole course integrates the natural lake and valleys ingeniously and constructed with the utmost care to blend the course in with the natural environment.

#8 Lotus Hills Golf Resort

This delightful 1994 Bernard Langer designed The Lotus Hills Golf Resort course wanders through gentle palm tree lined parkland and around lakes and dramatic rocky outcrops left over from the site’s days as a quarry.
Lotus Hills Located in the foothills of Lian Hua Shan Country Park in the Pearl River Delta.

The unique topographical feature of the land has been skillfully integrated to make the course both a challenge and a pleasure to play on. Measuring 6,218 meters from the gold tees, this par-72 championship course promises to provide a fair test for everyones game. Maximum enjoyment is derived from the blending of natures beauty with the highest standards of golf course maintenance. The use of natural rock outcrops and undulating terrain creates interesting fairways and captivating holes; even the inherent freshwater lakes act as natural hazards on the course.

#9 Nanhu Golf and Country Club

Nanhu Golf & Country Club is located in Guangzhou City of South Lake Village tourist resort, backed by the Baiyun Mountain, close to South Lake waves. Convenient transportation: It is only 15 minutes drive from Baiyun International Airport about, 30 minutes drive from  the train station, 30 minutes drive from city.

Situated at the foot of green and picturesque White Cloud Mountain and beside the scenic Nanhu Lake,the golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus. Mr. Nicklaus includes the towering mountain, the graceful lake and elegant villas in the course. It is a 18 hole 72 par course measuring 6776 yards. It is a challenging course for golfers of all levels, and the view is great. The first nine holes are beside the lake, while the back nine holes winds their way along the mountain in the tree-covered valley.

#10 Nansha Golf Club

Nansha Golf Course is located in Nansha District, and it is a valley course with 36 pins. The district is situated in the center of the Pearl River Delta and neighboring cities Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and Shunde; the traffic there is very convenient.

The golf course is built along the mountain ridge, possessing an advantaged natural environment. The pool in the course not only functions as a water supply to irrigate the grassland, but also add more beautiful scenery to the course. The hillsides and the valleys make the course waved, which adds more interests into playing golf.

#11 Sino Golf & Country Club

Sino Golf Country Club 1Sino Golf & Country Club is located in China’s southern gateway to the suburbs of Guangzhou, was built in the reservoir next to an 18-hole international class golf. Mu Tian Taisheng designed by the famous Canadian golf course architect Richard Davidson and Japanese golf course design masters, combining the essence of Japan and Europe and the United States fairway.

Unique in all Sino Country Club golf courses, including B field and  C field is more popular golfers favor. If the B field first hole tee shot, players are likely to feel a great psychological pressure, followed by the eighth and ninth holes two equally challenging, definitely give challengers were hooked. Lai Lake C Course to Yishanbangshui for the United States, 215 yards from the blue staircase on the 2nd hole of the beginning of each fairway and water has started to pull continuous relations, mountains and water, two kinds of natural scenery, the perfect integration, the absolute will were stunning feeling.

#12 Foshan Golf Club

Guangzhou Foison Golf Club,located in the Gym Park of Guangzhou Huadu Motown has two standard 18-hole courses. The first standard 18-hole golf course was designed by Nelson & Haworth, the world’s best golf course designer. It is a graceful course integrating the sights of lake, hill and plain. The course is laid out in line with the land form, and the original vegetation in the woods are retained to the largest extent. The lines are designed for multiple hitting tactics, and barriers varied to make the golf course more challenging.

The Tee platforms of NO.4 and NO.5 holes enjoys broad view, careful thought is needed before each hitting. The golf course landscape construction was directed by scenery experts from Harvard University of the US. Thousands of rare trees and flowers have been planted. The second standard 18-hole course–Dai Yi course, was designed by golf designer Pete Dye. It would create a delightful course in the Feierling Mountain.

#13 Peach Garden Golf

Peach Garden Golf Club is situated in the famous Nanguo Peach Garden tour resort in Nanhai district which is 12 km from the Guangzhouboundary. It takes only 35 minutes drive from Bai Yun International Airport. The Peach Garden is surrounded by lovely hills and clear water, birds singing and fragrant flowers giving a fresh and natural atmosphere

he Golf Course wasdesigned by world-renowned JMP Golf Design Group. It is a very challenging 27 holes championship course, par 108 of 10615 yards in length from the back tees, and includes 18 Floodlit holes for night play. Exquisitely designed and shaped fairways constructed with Seashore Paspalum, with Tif Eagle on the greens the course offers a wide variety of interesting and challenging for golfers of all levels, all holes requiring your utmost attention. The signature hole is the 8th which is one of many that ecapsulates the true beauty of the course, which the peach blossom giving a wonderful view to golfers whilst playing their round. The 18th hole is another very well-designed and exciting hole. A very big and long bunker lies on the fairway to trap errant tee shots. The approach shot will be that more difficult if you are in the bunker. A big and accurate tee shot is a must on this hole.

#14 Sanshui Hot Spring Golf Club

Sanshui Hot Spring Golf Club is located in the middle of Guangdong Province and in the norhtwest of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to the Huadu International Airport. Designed by Zhang Naizhong, the only Asian designer in ASGCA, the 18-hole championship course combines spectacular scenery with challenging play.

The course is on almost flat terrain with natural plantations and lakes. Water, big or small, comes into play on 17 out of 18 holes. It is very relaxing golf course in a very natural setting and you never see any man-made structures at all except for the clubhouse.

#15 Qingyuan Lion Lake Golf Country Club

Located about 60km/45 minutes away from Guangzhou city center and 40 minutes away from Guangzhou. Mr. Rick Jacobson, the American Course Architect, designed two totally contrasting championship courses with the natural landscape. Moon Course, measuring 7,242 yards, is the only one golf course in the world built on the world natural and cultural heritage, Danxia Land form.

Moon Course is an unrefined quasi-inland links course that features Links-style grasses, pine and juniper plantings, and classic bunkers with native grass eyebrows. Red rock outcroppings define the course’s dramatic visual character and are utilized as a design element throughout all 18 holes. In contrast to Moon Course, Moonlight Course has a highly manicured look with a lush tropical landscape and huge white bunkers with long flowing lines.

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